People in my neighborhood really need to learn about HVAC preventative maintenance

I’m sick and tired of hearing about HVAC problems all around my neighborhood.

It seems like I’m the only one that takes care of my system.

My buddy Ralph next door never seems to change the air filter, and it’s predictable the result. Twice now, he has described a pretty serious problem with his HVAC unit, and both times I’ve asked if he changed the air filter recently, and he’s had to scratch his head and sheepishly say no. I told him to stick a note on the refrigerator or something saying that he’s got to change that thing once every two months at the least. I hope he took my advice. I don’t need to know everybody around the block to see that they’re having issues with their HVAC units. During the summertime, that HVAC van pulls up all over the place. They ain’t no routine visits neither, something’s really up, and I could swear I’ve heard the arguments about the bill halfway across the cul-de-sac sometimes. Meanwhile, my HVAC guys pull up twice a year at the most. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re preventing all the problems that could happen later on down the line that would cost me a whole lot more money. It’s called HVAC preventative maintenance! Maybe I should mind my own business, because then again, it’s not my pockets that are being emptied over HVAC neglect. I’ll tell you what though; these local HVAC businesses are raking in the dough, so somebody’s happy!

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