Need cooling in the trailer

My husband in addition to I have been looking at getting a travel trailer for some time now.

  • The people I was with and I both like camping however we also like having some of the amenities of beach house while we camp too.

The people I was with and I were looking at a standard, 50 foot travel trailer however were worried about cross winds in addition to roll overs. When my husband brought up the method of a tent trailer, at first I was against it. I didn’t see how it could be heated or cooled in addition to I thought it would get all wet if it rained. I assumed that the sides of a tent trailer were like a regular tent. Then he said that the sides are heavy, waterproof canvas in addition to that they very do come with heating systems in addition to air conditionings. That made myself and others curious so we opted to go to an RV dealership in addition to serviced out their inventory of tent trailers. The display trailers were all set up in addition to had their air conditioning running. I was impressed! It was very cool inside the tent trailer. The air conditioning worked good in addition to the cool air did not seem to be escaping. It also had a little gas furnace built into the wall under the refrigerator too; And, except for no overhead cupboard space, the tent trailer was very similar to a familiar travel trailer. I also like how the tent trailer has a low profile so it is less likely to roll over when being towed. The people I was with and I are also less likely to rip the air conditioning off of the roof by going under low hanging branches or tunnels because the entire trailer compacts enough that the roof air conditioning is lower than the roof of our truck.

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