House sitting and enjoying better HVAC

I have recently discovered that there is a whole new way to take a getaway – especially if you want to go to an expat community in another country.

  • That way is by house sitting… Generally, the plan is that someone needs a person to stay in their house while they travel for a while… Usually, they want someone to take care of the pets, water the plants, spend money the yard man plus housekeeper, plus just be there in case something happens.

House standing as a way to take a getaway is great unless there is no heating plus cooling, very often, the people that own these houses either do not have air conditioning, or they ask you not to use it. Granted, in these smaller countries where only the wealthy even have heating plus cooling, electricity is expensive. That’s why the owners ask the house sitters not to use the a/c or the heater, and well, I am just not a fan of that, then i say if you can’t afford for your house sitter to use the a/c, then you shouldn’t be getting a house sitter. I mean, c’mon, if you can afford to spend money the housekeeper plus pool man when you are not even there, then you should not expect your house sitter to live without the when it is nearing triple digits on the thermostat reading outside. If you decide to sign up on one of those house standing websites, be sure to ask the homeowners before you buy your flight. If you don’t want to be there without having access to nice heating plus cooling, then be sure to ask before you take on the challenge.

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