Duct sealing fixes the problems with bugs and dust

Last July, the weather got seriously tepid and humid; The outside temperature was steadily in the upper eighties and low nineties, and the a/c was running constantly.

I started to notice that the cooling method was having some trouble keeping the home at a comfortable temperature; Certain rooms felt a bit tepid and sticky and increasing the thermostat didn’t make much difference, then i then realized that there was more dust blowing around and settling on surfaces than usual, and even a faint musty stink in the air! Assuming there was a concern with the a/c, I set up an appointment for repairs from a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation.

They were seriously tied up and I was forced to wait until the following week. For the next many days, our home was overrun with flies. I chased them with fly spray, killed them with the flyswatter and sucked them up with the vacuum cleaner. I found them crawling on our windows and ceilings, and flying around in every room. It was really horrible and I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from, but when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation showed up, I told him about the flies. He completed a thorough inspection of the cooling method and found leaks in the seams and holes in the duct system, he said that the defects in the ducts were the cause of all our complaints with comfort, dust and bugs. I had to schedule a separate appointment for duct sealing, and by then, I was going out of our mind. Fortunately, the duct sealing process fixed everything. After that, there was no more flies and the a/c was able to keep a nice cool and even temperature.



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