Climate control at the task site

My task takes myself and others all over the country, basically wherever our services are needed, however last year I was only house for I believe 3 maybe 4 weeks total, the rest of the time I was out in the field, laboring to restore power to people after disasters.

  • The task pays well, plus I love that I get to help people, however the surroundings are never top notch; We rarely get to sleep in a hotel or any other place with a real roof, mostly all of us stay in tents plus trailers on the labor site.

The trailers usually come with a/c, or heating as needed, however the tents are just tents, plus sleeping there long term can become a major problem. Going a few nights in blazing heat plus humidity separate from any A/C is inconvenient, for sure, however several weeks worth of that is pure torture, and for the longer stays they usually send out a few air conditioned trailers that all of us can bunk in, however not always. This is entirely an improvement over the past years, when the bosses didn’t even put weather conditions control in the trailers! Me plus a few other of the senior businesss all filed a complaint, saying that spending so long in the field with no cooling method was a dangerous labor environment, then now they make sure the senior women all have access to A/C however that does not extend to any local workers, who are still on their own. Maybe next year they will extend the A/C to those workers, as well.

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