Waiting for the HVAC tech to arrive

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a patient person.

My biggest pet peeve is when people are late.

My daughter drives me crazy with her ‘stylishly’ late. Stylish or not, you are still late. I have already sat down and started to eat without her, when she was late. She would tell me that she told me she would be there by sevenish. I guess this means that she can be there anytime before or after seven. When I say seven, I mean seven. Forget about the ‘ish’ and listen to me. I not only expect people to be on time, but I also expect service people to be on time. When I bought my air conditioning unit, the HVAC company told me they would call with my installation time. The day before the AC unit was to be delivered, I got a robot call from the HVAC company, telling me that they would arrive between 9AM and 12PM. I can understand being a bit late because of traffic, or even because a previous job had taken longer. I don’t understand why they give you a three hour window, which wastes my time, and they never arrive until the last minute. I paid for my air conditioning on time, and I expected my air conditioning to be installed on time. It was three minutes before 12PM and I was tapping my foot. When it was five minutes after, I was getting angry. When they arrived at 12:05, I told them I hoped they were going to give me a discount on the installation of my AC because of their tardiness.


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