Sure wish that there was some a/c

During the daytime hours while I am at task I have to deal with having no AC.

I don’t have any clue as to why my boss decided it was a good proposal not to have AC, however he did! When the corporation first opened up there was AC, and as the days rolled by the A/C has become less plus less.

I am not sure why there isn’t any AC, I guess that my boss just wants to save currency. I can understand wanting to save currency, despite the fact that I would suppose that even he is uncomfortable not having any AC. I have been looking for a new task, plus the only thing I certainly love is if they have A/C or not, and some managers have looked at me in an odd way because they can’t guess that I don’t have A/C at my current task. I have looked up a good amount of studies plus shown them to my boss about how much more productive people are when they have AC, however he still doesn’t care. I brought in a portable A/C component to use when my boss isn’t in for the day, I don’t suppose he would care that I have an A/C unit, despite the fact that I guess that he would enjoy the electricity bill caused be the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment. If you task someplace that doesn’t have Heating as well as Air Conditioning you should think about getting a new task, that is what I am trying to do. I look forward to going condo plus laying in the A/C plus when I am on my care ride condo I blast the A/C because I have been without any sort of Heating and Air Conditioning all day.

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