No a/c at the 9-5

During the time that I am at work I usually am forced to deal with having no AC.

I don’t have any clue why my boss decided it was a good system not to have AC, however she did, however, when the business finally opened up there was AC, and as the afternoons have gone on the A/C has become little by little. I am not entirely sure why there isn’t any AC, I suppose that our boss just wants to save some money. I totally get wanting to save currency, despite the fact that I would suggest that even though she is not happy without the AC. I have been looking for a modern task, and the only thing I entirely prefer is if they have A/C or not. Many directors have looked at me weird because they can’t think that I don’t have A/C at my job at the moment. I have read a lot of studies and shown them to our boss about how much more productive people are when they have AC installed, however she still doesn’t care. I brought in a portable A/C component to use when our boss isn’t around, I don’t suppose she would care that I have an A/C unit, despite the fact that I feel as if she would like the electricity bill caused be the HVAC equipment. If you labor somewhere that doesn’t have HVAC you should consider getting a modern task, that is what I am trying to do. I am looking forward to going home and standing in the A/C and when I am on our care ride beach modern home I blast the A/C because I have been separate from any kind of HVAC all day long.

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