My dog is so incredibly cute!

I have a very cute dog.

She likes to sit in my lap, while I am working on the computer.

She’s just a puppy, so I’m glad that I get to stay home all day with her. She is very spoiled. I think she likes to sit on my lap, because my desk sits directly under the air vent. The air conditioner runs most of the day, because the outdoor temperatures are extremely hot and humid. With a fan on my desk and and an air vent above my head, this area is the coolest place in the whole house. I tried to get the dog to lay in her bed, but there isn’t an air conditioner vent in that room. Her bed is in the laundry room, and there is very little flow of cool air. It’s hot and stuffy and there is no ventilation.. It’s hard to complain about a puppy sitting in your lap, even if she does weigh 40 lbs. When I have to go back to work next month, I’m really going to miss her face. Right now, we spend all day together. She even sleeps on my bed and sits next to my chair. She follows me everywhere I go. We sit at the table and have breakfast together, and then we both eat our lunch on the porch. Sometimes we even go for a swim together in the afternoon. She is my best friend and a wonderful companion. In a year or two, I’m probably going to get another dog, so she isn’t home all day by herself.
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