Monday morning, the office thermostat has a security code

I’ve been working for the grocery store for about 20 years.

I started working as a bag boy, when I was only 15 years old.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder after years of dutiful service. I worked as a cashier, customer service manager, assistant manager, and store manager. Now I am working in the head corporate office as a purchaser agent. Most of my job is ordering items for the grocery store. I determine what items are trending at the time, so we order the right amount of materials for the store. Things have been hectic at the head office for several weeks. The corporate office is receiving new heating and air conditioning equipment. There are six heating and air conditioning machines on the top of our building. All of them are being replaced this month, and we have construction workers walking in and out of the building all day long. It’s been a real problem, especially since we are constantly on the phone. The noises are outrageous and it’s hard to hear anything. Things were even worse on Monday, when I came to the office and found a lock on the thermostat. The only way you can change the temperature is with a special security code. I’m very unhappy about the new change, and I don’t understand why we need to be monitored like children. No one ever adjust the thermostat lower than 68 degrees, and that seems like a reasonable temperature for the office. I’m sure they are spending a fortune on all of the new heating and air conditioning equipment, but I don’t think that anyone is going to be pleased with the lock.

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