Improved air quality control

I no longer have a single of those garages where I can open the garage door and leave it open as I come and go.

This is not due to a rash of burglaries or owning some super important garage stuff.

The reason I don’t leave our garage door open is because I am deeply embarrassed by its condition of disarray. I finally just gave up and counted on a door to protect what man pride I had left. My family has just completely overtaken the garage. It started out with a few boxes our partner wanted to “temporarily” store in the garage. Then our teenagers started getting into athletic activitys and the garage became the resting venue for all that athletic activitys equipment. It was everywhere. I attempted to put up hooks and racks for all this stuff but racks don’t hang stuff by themselves. I called the Heating and A/C girl to see if she could help myself and others at least get the odor out of the garage. She came out and was able to care of ventilating the garage. Since I don’t have anything in our garage which has a pilot light or emits CO2, I was able to have an exhaust vent put in. The fan and vent simply fit into a hole in the exterior wall of the garage. It even was programmable so I could set it to run at weird times of the day. The difference it made was immediate. I could absolutely spend more than 30 minutes at a time in the garage. Now if I can just get that exhaust fan to start organizing all that junk, I’ll be just fine.

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