I taught my brother a lesson for bragging about his portable air conditioning unit

I was absolutely jealous as a youngster when my older brother got this modern window air conditioning unit installed in his room; I thought that was so unfair because all the rest of us didn’t have window air conditioning units in our living rooms, then he would brag about the fact that he could keep the air conditioning cranked in his room plus that he even had a nice remote control. I decided to get him for bragging in our faces all the time, so I took his remote control when he wasn’t paying attention, then when he was looking all over the arena for that remote control to the air conditioning unit, he got absolutely distraught about it; Even our parents were mad at him for losing that pressing part of the air conditioning unit. I personally thought he deserved to learn this lesson for messing with everybody. He was the oldest, so he absolutely should have been setting a good example plus not acting like a little child that thinks he is better than everybody else. I think my parents got him the air conditioning unit in the first arena because they wanted him to be able to focus on his university studies, plus because he was the oldest of course. When I asked about a window air conditioning unit, they said eventually I might get 1 if I was doing good in university. I think the main problem was the cost of the energy bills if everybody had an air conditioning unit in their living room. Eventually I put the window air conditioning remote back in my brother’s room where he could actually spot it. He was so glad when he got that remote back, plus he couldn’t suppose it was in plain sight. I was glad that he quit bragging about the air conditioning unit after that, plus he let us spend time in his room with the wonderful a/c.

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