Having the Heating and A/C tech over for breakfast

The Heating and A/C tech that both of us have been using for all our heating and cooling needs is a easily awesome person, then both of us have known this Heating and A/C tech for over 10 years, and she has never done us wrong… Whenever there is a complication with our central heating and a/c unit, he’s there.

  • Whenever both of us need some kind of control unit replacement, he’s been there… Not to mention, she has givin us a lot of discounts that she normally would not supply to other clients.

I think that’s the beauty of being her own Heating and A/C supplier instead of working for some local heating and a/c dealer. Both of us wanted to show our thanks for all the years of such good Heating and A/C service… So, my wife decided she was going to cook him a charming breakfast and both of us would invite him over as if she was one of the family. In a way, she is one of the family! Everyone knows him, both of us think personal stuff about each other. Not to mention, she has also went to baseball games with our teenagers… Like I said, she is a easily charming woman inside and out, and my wife is going to be making a nice lamb breakfast, which was because she expressed her appreciate for eating lamb, and how it is something she hasn’t had in several years. The special breakfast for our heating and a/c specialist family friend is set to be this Wednesday. My wife also wants to make sure the condo is in tip top wipe shape. So there is a lot to be done before then!