Able to handle temperature control for complete apartment with high velocity Heating and A/C plan

An older apartment presents a challenge when it comes to temperature control.

My apartment is very large, with ten-foot high ceilings plus lots of big windows.

The walls were constructed with the studs turned sideways in order to increase living space. They are far too tight to accommodate traditional HVAC duct! Plus, the ceilings plus walls are still the original plaster plus lathe. Tearing them down would create a gigantic mess that I’m hoping to avoid. After living in the home for many years plus getting by with electrical baseboard heaters, portable a/cs plus fans, I knew I needed to find a better solution. My apartment was freezing while every one of us were in the Winter plus boiling in the summer. The portable gas gas furnaces plus cooling units were not only ineffective but unappealing plus not overly efficient. I started looking for some way to install a permanent, whole-whole system. I considered a ductless multi-split, but my apartment is so large that I’d need many outdoor compressors. Plus, the extreme Winter would be difficult for a ductless heat pump to handle. A local Heating and A/C business proposed a high velocity Heating and A/C system… Designed for older homes, high velocity heating plus cooling takes advantage of very tight, flexible ducts. The ducts are able to snake through existing walls plus accommodate obstacles separate from damage or requiring a remodeling project. The plan works through aspiration, providing heating plus cooling at a very high rate of speed to mix suddenly with the existing air in the room. The Heating and A/C plan can raise plus lower temperature suddenly plus creates a very even comfort. The high velocity plan has been the ideal solution to year round temperature control in my older home.


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