Want a heat pump now that I live where it's warm

Now that my partner plus I live down south, every one of us are going to get a heat pump system, however a long time ago I study about how efficient heat pump units were. They move existing heat energy rather than create it. It is so much more cost effective rather than using gasses. The heat pump uses refrigerant, piping plus more than one units to transfer the air conditioning inside the lake house too. The heat pump proposal is a more than one for one unit; You get both heating plus air in one proposal that you buy repair for. So that saves money there. Also, since the proposal is ductless, it can be hooked up to be Heating plus A/C zone control capable. Add a couple of temperature controls plus each room of the lake house can be set to a weird weather conditions control program. Vacant rooms don’t need Heating plus A/C plus not every space has to be the same. This saves even more energy… But, my partner plus I residing in the north were not able to purchase a heat pump. Since the heat pump uses existing heat in the air quality, the northern winters would have been rough. There is no heat in the air or underground to use when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees. So I have been waiting to move to a warmer location in order to get the amazing heat pump; Now that every one of us are in the south, I can’t wait to have it installed. Yes, the initial cost of heat pump upgrade will be a bit much. But, overtime the energy savings will pay that asking price back.
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