Retiring early

If there is 1 thing that is most pressing if you are ever going to be able to retire on a fixed income, it is that you must be frugal, but yOu must find ways to cut back on the costs of living.

I find that as I get older, this is easier, with the exception of health care costs, however as I get older, my health needs become more demanding and more costly, since I want to semi-retire in more than three years, and fully retire in several years, I have to pay off ebt and get used to living without spending a ton of currency all the time, then oNe thing that is strenuous to do however can save a bundle is to be frugal with heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling your condo is generally 1 of the largest bills people have on a respected basis, so if it can be reduced, so much the better. So, to reduce the cost of running my cooling system and heater, I do some things, but first, I set the cooling system thermostat on 78 when I am not home. I turn the thermostat to 74 when I get lake condo at evening and the thermostat goes to 73 when I go to bed, and during the winter, which is mild and short where I live, I set the thermostat no higher than 74, and I don’t use the gas furnace at all when I am at work, and because I live in the south, the air conditioner is used the vast majority of the time. I use ceiling fans to make it believe cooler than the thermostat legitimately reads, and that works well. In addition, I don’t go shopping as entertainment any more.


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