A better job

There is nothing worse than waking up every afternoon as well as dreading having to head off to a task that you don’t like.

That is what I have been feeling like for the past few months ever since I started working for a current supplier in town.

I ended up making the change from my previous task to this a single for a single reason as well as a single reason only. The pay raise! I have absolutely enjoyed the amount of currency I have been making ever since working here, however with the amount of toil both in as well as out of the office I have been doing I haven’t had any time to legitimately like it, however back at my old task I had so much freedom as well as so many perks. My old office had to of been a single of the most pricey offices in the history of the corporation. I had a state of the art air conditioner unit, a mini fridge, as well as I even had an assistant that would constantly bring me snacks during the afternoon. At my current office I only have a run of the mill air conditioner component as well as that has about it in terms of perks. My current supplier is against having walls between offices so I have zero privacy as well as I am forced to share all of my drinks by putting them in the community fridge! Looking at it now I should have just stayed put as well as never have taken this task offer, and you think what they say though, hindsight is constantly 20/20. I would do anything to get my office back with the state of the art air conditioner.

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