Staying in a cottage up north was a surprisingly warm experience

My wifey plus I stayed far up north 1 summer, thinking that every one of us could go up north for a week plus catch a cut from the heat plus humidity, but the people I was with and I were wrong, however every one of us were also really far off course! Quite a few places up north can still get pretty warm, however the defining factor is the humidity… With added humidity, a ninety degree afternoon can think closer to 110 degrees! It’s crazy how humidity can affect the air quality so much, both in temperature plus in comfort.

The people I was with and I stayed pretty high up in a cottage on the side of a mountain, so every one of us had a attractive view of the nearby mountains from our cottage’s porch. The cottage also had working heating plus cooling systems, which were a total lifesaver! The people I was with and I packed for the cold, as every one of us foolishly thought it was going to be in the fifties or lower this far up north, then again, every one of us were really far off! By the minute afternoon, every one of us were wearing pants with the legs rolled up, plus shirts with the sleeves rolled up as well, but it was really comfortable though, plus it wasn’t somewhere near as tepid as it was down south! At night, the temperature often dropped to the low sixties or high fifties. That was when it really paid off to have a functional furnace, as the boiler in the basement of the cottage was churning away to keep the place warm. I think we’ll particularly be going back – I just don’t guess if we’ll go in the summer time again.


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