No electric, no troubles

Living on top of the mountain can provide you grief, but most of the time the two of us love it.

My kids love being able to go out plus play without worrying about neighbors.

They are always going out on hikes, plus their only restriction is that they must keep the house in sight. I would hate if they were to get lost or unable to call us. We do have cell iphone service, but when you are out of sight of the house, most likely the cell iphone won’t work. We also don’t need cooling system up here. We open the windows plus turn the ceiling fans on, plus the two of us have a breeze blowing right through the house. We call it our natural cooling system. When the humidity is high, it can get a bit uncomfortable, but the two of us have a dehumidifier. With the doors shut plus the shades down, the two of us don’t worry about solar heating in the summer. We don’t have the pollution up here that gives us cause to worry about our air quality. This is also one of the giant pluses, since our kids have fewer pollen irritations than most kids this week. Everyone thinks our kids are silly when they tell them the two of us don’t have cooling system. Most people can’t understand how you can live without cooling system in your house, but the two of us do it plus the two of us like it. Life is so much straight-forwardr up here on the mountain. With no pollution plus no need for cooling system, the two of us can rest outside whenever the two of us want plus not be assaulted with the noise of traffic, the two of us know love the two of us have the perfect life.

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