Trying to get my boyfriend in a fitness class

My boyfriend has slowly started to gain weight.

He started out being thin but out of shape. He then became soft, then pudgy and now he is borderline a fat guy. Fitness is so important to me and I work out everyday. Not to toot my own horn, but I look great. I don’t want to be with a fat guy in my twenties. I have been pushing him to work out, but nothing seems to stick. He does like riding his bike around the city. He hates going for runs. He won’t even swim in the pool or stretch. My last ditch effort is that I am going to sign him up for group physical training classes. A group of people work with a personal trainer and get different exercises. Some of the workouts are done with the whole group, and other ones are individually. The personal trainer does take the time to work with people one on one. I think my boyfriend might be more apt to try working out if I go with him. The two of us can work at our own pace with the trainer. Hopefully the trainer will get him motivated and give him exercises that won’t hurt him too bad. That is the big thing. My boyfriend works out so hard on day one that he doesn’t want to do it again and physically can’t work out for a week. I am hoping the fitness expert will assist him in pacing himself and building himself up to a harder workout. I am desperate at this point.


Group Physical Training Classes