Should get personal training before being a professional athlete

My cousin Sebastian always wanted to be a professional football player.

  • Unfortunately he has never been all that physically fit.

The issue is that he only lifts weights for a work out. My cousin thinks having big muscles is all you need in order to be a professional athlete. For football you need to be more than big. There is also a lot of cardio involved in the sport. My cousin is not all that tall and wide of a man either. It is not like he is going to be one of those giant blocker guys that are totally muscle. If he ever wants to play the sport seriously, he needs to work a little cardio. I have been pushing him to try personal training at the city gym. The fitness center offers courses for professional players, teams and high school athletes. My cousin is none of these things. I don’t feel he will ever make it professionally, but it does not hurt to give it a try. I think with some professional help he could at least be the right body type the teams are looking for. A little cardio would be good for his health too. Only lifting weights has to be hard on the body. My cousin doesn’t think that the trainer will be able to help him. I totally disagree, I know the people are trained and certified professionals. They also work with other athletes, so it must do something. I think I might sign him up anyway, no matter what he says. I would like to give him some help.


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