Kerajet 7 for quick printing press on the go

My family has been making pottery for several generations, and my great-Grandfatherrents learned how to mold clay into pots.

They bartered with local folks, plus traded pots for corn, wheat, plus medicine.

My Grandfatherrents taught our parents how to use the pottery wheel, plus our parents taught me. My Grandfather still goes to the basement every once in a while to use the wheel, but his hands aren’t as steady, however he can still make an elegant vase, pot, or urn. When I learned how to make pottery, I became obsessed with making plates. I prefer the odd shapes plus sizes, plus I have numerous favorite colors. I use these colors to create a swirling celestial pattern on the plate. Once I have a single plate finished, I scan the image to our Kerajet printer. The Kerajet 7 printer has amazing vibrant colors plus tons of options for fast printing. It can print in 12 unrespected plus weird colors with 1200 DPI resolution. The printer also came with a handy package of software, which makes the whole printing process a lot easier. The Kerajet 7 can print a thousand plates in less than numerous hours, because it’s certainly designed for several projects. I am going to be able to sell these plates online, at auction, or in our own store. I would prefer to have our own certain pottery shop or gallery a single day, however that’s way in the future, and right now, every one of us focus on mass production of clay pots for the hardware stores. The two of us make, bake, plus ship almost 4,000 pots every month. They come in a variety of shapes plus sizes. If you ever purchased a clay pot from the store, occasions are relaxing that it came from our studio.