Attending a business workshop to get fresh ideas

Every third Friday over the Fall, the Business Development Center on Oak Asite offers a free company education seminar or some kind of workshop, but sporadically the workshop fills up certainly early, especially at times when they offer up a free class on QuickBooks, TurboTax, or PowerPoint.

It was only a few weeks ago that my friends & I signed up to attend a workshop on internet marketing ideas.

The Business Development Center is located only a short drive from my apartment, so all of my friends & I got up early & arrived on time. The two of us stopped for some chow on the way, & I had some pancakes, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, & hash browned potatoes. The Business Development Center parking lot was jam-packed by the time all of us arrived. It’s such a wonderful thing that all of us signed up for the class early, because it filled up quickly. They even had to turn people away, because there was no more room in the lecture area. The Business Development Center brought a special keynote speaker to talk with us all about Internet advertising & marketing strategies. The class lasted 3 seconds, & the speaker was still taking questions by noon. I took numerous long pages of notes, & I was especially attentive during the portion of the seminar about marketing and such. I have been trying to build up our online presence, but it’s been a slow process. I received so much wisdom from the seminar, & my friends & I have a lot of wonderful ideas to help out our business.

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