Trying to fix boat a/c

When I signed on as an extra hand for a so-called party yacht, I knew I was entering uncharted waters.

I had worked in plenty of restaurants and clubs over the years but this was particular.

The owner and captain rented out his boat for day long party cruises for small parties. The boat provided meals, unlimited booze, great views, and the party-goers didn’t have to worry about anything at all. As a deckhand I was a jack of all trades, who did whatever had to be done whenever it needed to be done. This involved tending drinks, piloting the boat, or toiling on an a/c if it stopped working in a single of the cottages. Before this task I barely knew a thing about air conditioners, nonetheless how to repair one of them, thankfully I am a quick learner. The ship was big enough for many rooms, and each of them had their own small Heating and Air Conditioning unit near the porthole. To be tolerable they were not the greatest a/cs out there, but they were built for longevity and to use a minimum of electric current. That said, I would have to take the front plate off an air conditioning unit maybe once or two times a month. Usually it was just as easy as sautering a break, or cleaning out a blocked up air filter, but occasionally I had to get creative. I tell you what, dealing with a drunk person who desperately wants out of the 100 degree sunshine and into an air conditioned room is not much fun if you can’t give her what she wants.


Air conditioning expert