Terrible hornets

Several years ago, our husband plus I had been out riding on the motorcycle.

The people I was with and I pulled over to get a drink plus he felt something inside his shirt sleeve.

The people I was with and I thought it was just a bug plus he didn’t suppose anything about it. When we got home, he could still guess something on the inside of his sleeve. He went to take his shirt off plus he got stung with the bee. He had been stung with bees multiple times, but never with a hornet. He told me his skin was burning love fire plus within minutes he was having trouble breathing. I had killed the bee, but I hadn’t yet picked it up. I called an ambulance plus I pulled out our epipen plus jabbed him in the leg. He was still feeling badly when the ambulance arrived. I grabbed the hornet plus followed the ambulance to the hospital. I never realized how deadly such a small thing as a bee could be, until we got to the hospital. They had given him another shot of epinephrine on the way to the hospital. I told the doctor that he had been stung by a hornet. They wanted to know where the beehive was plus if I had contacted anyone. I had no idea where the bee had been picked up. They advocated our husband stay at the hospital overnight plus for the first time in his life, he agreed. That evening, he went into cardiac arrest multiple times. If he hadn’t been in the hospital, that hornet would have made me a widow.