Small population

As most are aware, “snowbirds” as they are referred to have flocked to the Florida coastline for decades to escape the dire Northern winters! Have you ever wondered where it is that they travel to? I used to know that almost everyone when to Miami or Daytona, now, I recently learned that many travel to sites along the gulf coast instead.

This is entirely because there is less of a threat of horrible storms hitting that area, but, either way, I wanted to guess what those locations had to offer.

I started searching online for different communities and travel sites. I found that a certain area, or areas kept coming up in our search. Most of them were somehow connected to the Tampa Bay area. There were outlying areas such as Clearwater but most of the exciting stuff I found was in the Tampa area. It seems that there is a legitimately eclectic mix of people in that section that like the same sort of laid back lifestyle. It is savor living in a tropical paradise while enjoying all the amenities of neighborhood life at the same time. Tampa her a sizable neighborhood with a population of nearly 400,000 people, yet, the straight-forward living attitude still survives, however after a days work, if not retired, you can relax by the water, take in a show, dine at a single of the many steakhouses or relax with friends at a local brewery or evening spot. Life, according to everything I have read, moves at a slower pace in Tampa. I have pretty much decided that I need to visit the section to see for myself if all of this is true.

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