Picking out custom made furnishings

After I bought a beach house, I was really happy with the contemporary architecture, however the interior of the loft is really open. It has big windows that allow in a ton of light. However, this open concept made it seriously difficult to find furnishings to suit & fit inside the space. I drove all over the place, checking all kinds of furniture stores & looking at second hand shops & flea markets. I couldn’t find anything I liked! Nothing seemed perfect for the house. Most of the couches & tables were either too big, too narrow, the wrong color or the wrong style. I was feeling really worried by the time a friend of mine suggested that I try out a custom furniture shop. I assumed that this would be way more pricey than I wanted to spend. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of getting some pieces. It was definitely a bigger investment than purchasing through a furniture store, however everything is of much higher quality. Also, I had the advantage of working with good & skilled designers & craftsmen. The designer toured the house, took in the layout & asked about my preferences & goals for the home. We worked out a look for colors & textures & fabrics. The furniture, draperies & everything was made to the house. The result is entirely beautiful and just what I wanted to have. I guess that I can count on the custom built furnishing to keep up & hold to wear & tear. My condo is not only aesthetically pleasing but the right look.