Not getting on the boat until I can float

I plan to enlist in the navy once I am in shape.

I no you to training before really going off to war, however I know that I want to enter in shape.

There is a gym in my hometown these days that offers personal training. That is where I have been going already for the past month. I do a private physical training class myself multiple times a week. Eventually I want to do multiple afternoons each week and run on the weekends. I plan to do my round of personal training right up to my enlistment. I want to enter the navy in peak shape and rest out from the rest of the guys. I have a fairly long way to go though. I am not fat, however I am soft. My belly has a layer of soft and nasty pudge that can do. My arms don’t look toned at all. I also admit I can’t even run a mile without getting winded. I am not highly discouraged though since I have the best personal trainer ever. The guy I went to researched on what I will need to do once I enlist. He knows all the miles I need to run, how several pushups and crunches I need to properly complete in order to join. The people I was with and I have small goals already set for each month and a single big goal at the end for me. My personal trainer expertly tailors each session to a area of my body. One day of the week is working on my leg, next is arms and abs. Eventually the two of us will add a load of heavy cardio and strength training, I am not there yet. But, I am feeling excited and motivated totally by my trainer. The guy is so smart and fantastic with encouraging me.

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