Getting gradually being promoted in an online SEO company

I graduated from school with a communications degree.

It was the one degree I could obtain with the credits I had earned.

I wanted to be finished in four years and I’d switched my major several times. So I earned a degree, but what good did it do for me? I’m just relieved that I was able to get a job fresh out of school. I got hired by a local digital SEO company. The business provides online SEO for HVAC businesses all across the country. I began as someone who handled calls from the business owners and transferred them to the proper department. The business employs web builders, salesmen, finance specialists and the SEO team. I never understood the difference between each speciality. Once I was with the business for awhile, my job responsibilities started to increase. If somebody left for vacation, I would fill in for them. I started to build websites, did PPC, created spreadsheets and talked to HVAC business owners. I tried just about every job. Now I have been promoted and joined the web team. I now build websites for HVAC companies. I enjoy it. I am getting better at designing the layout of the websites and putting a unique spin on it. I don’t need to be concerned with SEO or search engine SEO. I simply create the site and make it look good. Then my work is done. Eventually I hope to work in the tech side of digital SEO. I want to earn more money. My next promotion will probably require me taking on both those jobs.