Getting a replica clock made

When I was growing up my father built a tall clock for my mom.

The chiming clock was a focal point of the family room.

It was a beautiful piece, painstakingly created from red oak with a cool intricate face and pendulum that chimed. The whole time I was growing up, I depended on the noise to tell myself and others. I expected to 1 afternoon inherit the chiming clock, but unfortunately, there was a flood at my mother and father’s house shortly after I graduated high university. The flood caused significant water damage, and the chiming clock was destroyed. For a long time, I searched for a similar looking chiming clock. I checked estate sales and antique shops that were closeby, but I never found anything even close to it. When my fiance and I obtained our first home, I was seriously aggravated that I’d never have my chiming clock in my family room. I showed my fiance several pictures of the clock. He commanded that I have an exact look alike built by a custom furniture maker. I had never considered this idea before. I found a custom furniture shop on the web and began talking on the phone with a master craftsman. I sent him every picture of the chiming clock that I could find. He was able to design and build a chiming clock that looks exactly like the 1 my father built. It was high-priced, but I figured it was worth it to have the clock.

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