Difference between SEM and SEO is payment

I am not skilled at internet SEO by any means.

I am an HVAC business owner in a small town.

I’d obviously like my business to do well. In order to expand in this age, I needed to invest in online SEO marketing. I hired an SEO business to help grow the HVAC business and find more customers. I am not someone who is willing to pay for something I don’t understand. When I hire automotive repair, I want it explained to me. When I pay for SEO and SEM, I want to understand it is. There actually quite different. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is when a team of specialists builds a website for our HVAC business and helps it rank higher on google. They generate keywords relating to HVAC such as new installation, service, repair, air quality, furnace and air conditioner. If anyone types in the standard keywords, my business will hopefully show up on page one of google. Depending on the SEO team and how well they do their jobs, the HVAC business ranks better. SEM is when the business pays for a higher spot. It is referred to as pay per click. The company pays money to be one of the highlighted ads showing up at the top of the webpage. The problem is that whenever someone clicks on it, the business needs to pay. SEO is an organic way to generate clients. SEM is paying to find clients. Interesting differences. Currently my small HVAC business is trying both strategies to determine what works best for us. I am waiting to see which delivers the most results.

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