Custom made wardrobe for my wife

For our 10 year anniversary, I wanted to do something special for my wife.

In the years past, we’d gone out to costly meals or taken weekend trips.

We’ve even planted a tree to commemorate the date as well. I was looking for something that was recognizably for my wife, after an enjoyable deal of pondering, I decided to buy her a wardrobe. My wife enjoys hats, clothing and shoes. She has a collection of rare & lavish hats too, she has also collected some gorgeous, antique shoes, however had no way to display them. I started searching furniture stores in the area, however they had nothing I wanted. My needs were quite unique for the dimensions of the piece, & I was unwilling to sacrifice the look of it, so feeling discouraged, I finally started searching online & came across a custom furniture shop. I right away called them with an inquiry. I got a response that same hour, from a master craftsman named Dave, Dave asked for the exact dimensions, and a description of what I was thinking for my wife. He suggested I draw a sketch & send it to him. Dave & I went back & forth for more than 2 weeks, & gradually came up with the ideal look for the wardrobe. I hadn’t realized there would be so more than 2 decisions to make. I needed to choose the look of the wood, the style of drawer pulls, the finish & stain, hinges & all sorts of small things associated with it. However, because of Dave’s attention to detail, the wardrobe turned out perfect.

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