Criminal law is a hard place to find work

For the first four years of school, I did not really have a clue what I wanted to do.

I thought I would become a house painter, as well as then I wanted to be an architect.

I took an elective class in criminal law as well as fell in love with it. It took me 6 years to finally acquire my bachelor’s degree, but I found the burning passion in my soul that I was desperately seeking. I’ve been studying the law for a great many years now, as well as I am finally to the point where I can look for my 1st task. I really want to find a task in criminal law. I like seeing how the checks as well as balances system works. I like knowing that the law has some type of effect. I still know in our country as well as the laws that govern our great body. As a criminal lawyer, I want to help put criminals behind bars as well as help everyday honest people win their cases. I’ve been placing applications with many of the top criminal legal firms in the area. I have been clerking for a civil court or a judge, as well as they want me to apply to the criminal prosecutors office! Right now, I would like to stay in the private sector. I’ve spent a lot of money to become a lawyer, so I am going to need to acquire twice as much to pay those fees. My loans will be with me until I am nearly seventy years old, if I beginning my career laboring for the county. I have to think about my financial future, it will mean laboring for a private law firm right now.