Corporate wellness was a surprise!

I have a job at a major corporation in the warehouse.

I package products, load them onto the truck and then carefully fill in the paperwork.

It is not all that mentally taxing, however physically it is super demanding. I am constantly moving and turning my body in highly uncommon directions. I am bending down and lifting heavy awkward packages all day. My back, knees and neck used to kill myself and others each day after work. I did some research and really found that the larger corporation I job at offers corporate wellness programs. The corporation works through a partnership with a personal training facility. The corporation does not want their band of workers going out on injuries. So they encourage going to a dedicated personal training facility to be in better health. Through the enormous corporate wellness program I was able to do group physical training for half the usual cost. I now go two afternoons a week after work. I like doing my targeted physical training class. I have way less pain after job now. I also believe I am way healthier and stronger. I don’t just lift weights on my own. I have a cool personal trainer that works a single on a single with me. The guy usually also gives myself and others stretches to do at house whenever I don’t come to the gym. After job I do my boatload of stretches and I have no stiff muscles the next day, it is great for me. I have also lost quite a bit of weight. I went from doing nothing at all, to doing a fitness class two afternoons and week and even stretching on the side. I even watch what I eat now. I believe I am feeling fantastic and look good. I am thinking about encouraging my sweet wifey to do a fitness class too.

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