BMS for our business

I never expected to get the answer they gave me

I work for a HVAC supplier as well as the owner had ;just told us that she was going to send everyone to school. She wanted everyone to guess everything there was to guess about building management software as well as what it did. I didn’t have a clue about building management, even though I guess that the software had to do with PCs. I hated PCs as well as I felt PCs were nothing however royal pains. I guess I was about to learn so I set my mind in that direction as well as signed up for the courses. Building management systems were PCized systems that ran off software as well as were able to control every system in the building. This included the heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning system. The software all of us were about to learn about, was the software that would handle the HVAC system. The HVAC system in the building would be integrated with the rest of the buildings PCized system. Through the help of software all systems, including HVAC, could be controlled from any remote area of the world. The Building management software would make it possible for dealers to diagnose as well as repair the systems without going onsite. I found all of this interesting, even if I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Being the smart aleck I always was, I asked if I could do my work from lake house as long as I had a PC. I never expected to get the answer they gave me. I thought I would need to have a substantial hostess like they had just showed us, however they told me the answer was sure. I guessed I was going to be drug into the world of PC.


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