Social media has made finding reputable contractors much easier

I remained skeptical of the value of social media for the longest time.

My prevailing mindset for years was that it was a barrier for authentic human connections.

I would have called it a means to further distance ourselves from one another, one advance in computer technology at a time. While there is a case to be made for those factors surfacing in real ways, I tend to lean on the side of praising social media these days instead of loathing it. It amazes me how easy it is now to stay in touch with people who I don’t get to see for up to 10 years at a time. In the past, without this digital network, these people would have simply vanished from my life forever. I also have the ability to check on loved ones and family if I’m worried someone is sick or struggling with mental health issues with just a few simple clicks. Sometimes it’s better to know ahead of time if someone is going through a rough time before you decide to randomly call them someday for the first time in years. I feel liberated by this side effect rather than confined by it. Plus, I can’t say enough about how social media has revolutionized the process of finding reputable businesses, especially to fix my air conditioner. Sure, online reviews have been present since the early days of the web, but now there are large networks connecting billions of people weekly where there are places to leave comments and respond to other comments, keeping up a live conversation. If a particular HVAC business I’m scoping out has been treating their customers unfairly, it’s safe to say one of these social networks might be the first place I would hear of it or find the information. Not to mention, many businesses respond to comments and posts made publicly by guests, and these comments directly from the businesses themselves often tell someone more about the expected level of customer service than anything else.

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