Not all central air conditioners are made to the same quality standards

I have heard a thousand times how nothing is built to last any longer.

Whether it’s cars, electronics, or appliances, many people complaining will charge a company with fully intentional, planned obsolescence.

In short, planned obsolescence is the act of purposefully engineering products to sell that are purposefully below par and put into market with the sole intention of forcing the consumer into continual replacements. Some cell phone companies have been hit with lawsuits recently over major functional defects with their hardware and the extent the company knew of issues before initially offering the product and also in continuing to sell if after being notified of the central defects in question. This has been the case with heating and cooling manufacturers as well. Many people try to save as much up front and buy machines either made completely over seas or filled with parts and components cheaply manufactured overseas. It’s a matter of getting what you pay for because no two companies, or machines, are exactly the same. Not only are air conditioners sized for whatever living space they’re installed in, they also come in many varying performance levels, all naturally ranging in price depending on one’s budget. Much of the time it pays more in the end to simply buy a costlier machine that is USA made and backed by a reputable supplier. A machine with better energy efficiency is going to cut costs every month and will eventually offset the additional upfront costs with everything you save on the long term.