My neighbors are jealous of my brand new wood stove and chimney

I live near the center of the country, in a climate that isn’t extremely cold nor extremely hot.

  • Some winters we get snowstorms regularly, while others we might just get weather in the 20s and 30s and very little snow throughout.

Most summers are mild, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and only a handful of 90 degree heat waves mixed in during the long stretch from late April into mid September. Then comes the time when the leaves start to noticeably change in anticipation for autumn once again. Since our climate is so mild, many people have different heating and cooling solutions, with considerable chunks of folks forgoing any air conditioner in the summer season. By and large though, most of us use heating systems while differing in our exact winter weather solutions. Myself and most of my neighbors all use gas powered furnaces to keep our houses warm. That was until this year when I decided to buy a woodstove and install it in my living room. The tiny little chimney stack could be seen from the road with a nice little billow of smoke pouring out at varying times of the day. I absolutely love the warmth and ambience the wood stove provides me while fires slowly burn inside. Just any help with winter heating costs is enough to make it worth while. Plus, my neighbors have all taken direct notice of the new chimney and after I invited a few inside to see the wood stove in action, at least three have now separately told me that they plan to install fireplaces or wood stoves at some point in the near future. This was just from seeing mine and feeling the intense heat emanating from it.


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