Getting sold an insufficient central air conditioner for my large house

My wife has been lightly hinting at us buying a large house ever since we married six years ago. I grew up in apartments throughout my early life, and didn’t actually live in a house until a few college friends and I rented one to save on room and board costs in undergraduate school. So when my wife was persistent with this desire, I was ambivalent about it. At least she finally got her wish, although this process has been tough in every conceivable way. The mortgage approval process was like getting teeth pulled and we looked at nearly 20 different houses before we finally decided on which one we liked the best. But, there were a number of things we had to upgrade or replace the second we moved in. The house needed a new roof, something that costed a lot more than I thought it would. To make matters increasingly worse, the air conditioner needed to be swapped out as well. It was already reaching the 15 year mark and already had considerable performance issues while running. When we went to buy an air conditioner from the first HVAC supplier we tried, I figured the process would be straightforward and simple. At the time, I had no clue that there were different kinds of air conditioners, especially varying models for different sizes of whatever living space they’re put into. So, it came as quite a big surprise when we found out two months down the road that we were sold an air conditioner that was insufficient in size and power to handle the load of our large house and the long and winding ventilation system in the attic. I should have looked at reviews online and found a better supplier from the get go.

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