First time camping with HVAC units

When I was a kid, if we went camping, we went camping in a tent.

We were a poor family, and we wanted to go camping just like everyone else.

We knew that we would never be able to afford an RV or camper, and we were okay with that. Camping was a way to escape the house with all its luxuries. Sure, there were times when that was not as fun. I love having an air conditioner in my house, and camping could be difficult because you had no air conditioner. However, I learned how to have fun during the day, and I spent a lot more time outdoors without an air conditioner. Honestly though, as I grew older, I hated camping more. Without an air conditioner, your tent feels like a furnace during the day. You can’t stand up in your tent, and everything becomes uncomfortable. If you need to shower or go to the bathroom, you always have to walk somewhere else. So, when I became an adult, I purchased my first camper. This camper had an air conditioner, and I was very excited. If I was ever tired after some exercise, I could always relax with the air conditioner. I also had my own shower, bathroom, bed, and living space. Another cool part of my camper is that it also had a furnace. I was able to camp when there were cooler temperatures, which is something I could never do in a tent without a furnace. I definitely don’t miss the days of camping without an air conditioner or a furnace.


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