Everything about my new apartment is perfect besides the noisy HVAC system

I wasn’t excited about downsizing and living in a studio apartment again. I didn’t foresee falling on a rough patch like this in my mid 30s of all times, especially having to give up the house I have been renting for years in place of an apartment smaller than the one I had during graduate school. But, now that I have been cozying up to this place for several months, I appreciate it so much and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right now while dealing with tough transitions in life. Sometimes it’s nice to have a small little alcove to go home to that is completely your own when things like having your family in turmoil, with relatives passing away and job opportunities vanishing before my eyes. I like knowing that whatever adversity comes my way, I can go home and find comfort in my nest with just my dog and my solitude. I have a small kitchenette with an oven, stovetop, microwave, full size refrigerator, and a dishwasher. The counter space is limited but the abundance of indoor amenities makes up for that. I also love having a stackable washer and dryer in a closet just outside my bathroom door. There’s is almost nothing I could complain about regarding this studio apartment, aside from the extremely noisy air conditioner. With all of the expected changes and compromises made when moving into this unit, I would have never expected in a million years that the real problem that I’d be facing daily would be an air conditioner so loud it keeps me up at night. Just the sound of the air handler cranking on is like a small airplane taking off from the runway. Sadly, because I rent the unit, I am not permitted by the property manager to upgrade or change the central air conditioner in anyway.


Heat pump maintenance