The furnace in my dad’s house is acting up

My sweet parents were married for fifty years before my mother passed away of cancer last year.

  • It was really hard on my dad, and he has not yet been able to be his usual self.

I am not sure if it is depression or just mourning. I try to go over to his house at least once a day to make sure he is doing okay and to make him a decent meal. I know he really appreciates the company as well. I have tried to convince him to move in with my husband and me, but he is not ready for that yet. I think that would make him feel like he is dependent on us. I am a little nervous for him because Winter has just hit us, and his furnace is not doing so well. It is not like my dad to just sit around while something needs to be fixed. He could certainly fix the furnace if he had the motivation to, but he does not. My poor husband does not know much about furnaces, so he is having trouble figuring out the problem. He has tried to ask my dad for advice about the furnace, but my dad just cuts him off and says that there is nothing wrong with the furnace. I went over to his house the other day, and it was freezing in there. I looked at the thermostat, and it was only fifty-five degrees in the house even though the thermostat was set for seventy-five degrees. My dad did not seem to even notice. I am just praying that we can either get him a new furnace soon or find someone to repair the furnace that is in his house now.

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