Quitting due to the indoor air quality

I have quit a job due to the dirty indoor air quality before.

Dusty air quality is no joke. I never thought a little grime in the air would ruin a job for me, but it did. I used to work at a video store and it was awesome in the winter. The store was busy, the movies coming out were great and the heating equipment was fantastic. I could wear my summer wardrobe inside due to how properly heated it was. I loved working in the winter and would have worked there forever. What did me in was the summer conditions. The school had no air conditioning, just overhead fans. The fan blades gathered dust on them all year long. The dirty fan blades then would turn on the first hot day of the year. The dust then flew around and polluted our indoor air quality. The dusty air made me cough and sneeze a lot. The worst was my eyes though. After a long shift my eyes were bright red. They itched and watered. It always looked like I smoked a lot of weed after being in the store. It got difficult to drive the 30 minutes home my eyes hurt so bad. I tried complaining to the manager about the indoor air quality. I tried getting the store fans cleaned, buying an air purifier and even shorter shifts. My ideas were shot down. I could only take the poor air quality for so long. I finally quit the job because the idea of another summer there was too awful.


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