My house is always a bit chilly

I prefer going to see other people’s houses; I legitimately prefer to decorate, plus when I visit other’s houses I get ideas for my own home.

I tend to redecorate my house once every couple of years.

It is not that it needs it; I just prefer to do it, however my hubby does not understand why I prefer it so much, but he is legitimately supportive of my passions, plus he seems to prefer the new look every couple of years. My house has had sort of a farmhouse theme for the past numerous years, plus but I legitimately prefer it, it is not something that I plan to keep for much longer. I have visited several friends in the past numerous years, plus I think I will be going for more of a boho look in my house next, while going to see so several people, I have realized that I tend to keep my house quite a bit cooler than everyone do. I find myself perspiring when I am in other people’s houses. It is the middle of October, plus prefer to keep our house around sixty degrees all summer time long. I never realized that sixty degrees was cooler than everyone kept their houses until this summer. I know everyone keep their houses around seventy degrees . I tried to set my thermostat to seventy to get used to it, but it only lasted a morning before I could not sit it any longer, now, I understand why so several people told myself and others that my house was cold. It is cold compared to everyone’s houses. I know I will just have to live with the fact that I am not normal.

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