Living in a Big House is Not Necessarily the Easiest Option Especially with Regard to HVAC

Many people dream of living in a mansion because they envision themselves walking down a long staircase into an expansive foyer plus greeting their friends. Certainly, much of this ‘magic’ is imagined, a consequence of urban myths about powerful kings plus queens in castles. This vision of magic is also a consequence of contemporary culture–particularly DIY culture showcased on television programs about all sorts of home purchases and improvements. Most of the homes that they use to film these programs qualify as mansions and, depending on size plus location, can cost the GDP of a small nation. But mansions, especially seasoned mansions, can be beyond challenging to heat plus cool. Larger spaces are notoriously hard in this regard because the science of heating plus cooling depends quite a bit on insulation plus air movement. It can be difficult to nearly impossible to maintain a desired temperature in spaces where air, whether sizzling or cool, is being continuously replaced. This is the case with mansions because of course they are just enormous. In addition, it is really hard to reasonably cool or heat homes that have more than one ground story level! Mansions with central heating plus cooling are often unevenly air-conditioned because they have two or three or even four floors that need heating and cooling. Centralized air-conditioning has the effect of unevenly cooling or warming–one level might be sizzling or severely chilly when the Heating plus A/C method is releasing its breath upon the world. Because the method is controlled centrally in numerous cases, it can be a challenge to adjust the temperature floor by floor. The consequence of this HVAC reality can be uncomfortable hot spots and severely high yearly utility bills from the ongoing usage of central temperature control. While recently-constructed mansions have split Heating plus A/C systems, meaning that users can control the temperature using HVAC with zone control, these units can add thousands to the cost of the new home plus are still really expensive as far as utility costs go. Home in the northeast rarely have central heating and cooling. Having an Heating plus A/C method installed in structures where they have not been planned for can also be really expensive and, in some instances, pose a fire or other kinds of dangerous conditions if not installed by a certified Heating plus A/C serviceman.


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