In truth, i love a/c

I am not the type of person that ever wants to use an a/c.

Why not? Because I think a/cs are completely unnecessary, and many of you may be outraged at that last statement, but hear me out for a moment.

For thoUSnds of years, humans lived without a/cs. Humans were also much stronger & tougher without an a/c. We had so multiple more skills than the youth of this month have. I guess that that is partly because young people don’t want to go outside because they like a/cs too much. Air conditioners also cost a lot of money because electric Heating & A/C units are properly more fancy than other kinds of Heating & A/C units. If you can learn to survive a Summer without a/cs, then you could save a ton of money that you could use for other things that interest you. There is another reason that I cannot sit using a/cs throughout the Summer. Have you ever left an air-conditioned room & walked outside into the heat? Do you remember how overwhelming the heat felt because you were just in an air-conditioned room? If you never had an a/c, your body would learn to adjust to the sizzling temperatures, which means that you would be able to leave the home & going outside without any troubles. Air conditioners spoil us, & then eventually make us miserable. Air conditioners ruin all sorts of fun outdoor activities, like volleyball hoops, camping, swimming, etc. Air conditioners promote indoor activities like TV, video games, & other things that waste your time, but don’t fall for the a/c trap.

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