Debating on if I really do need a humidifier or not

I have quite a nest egg in my bank account.

The only reason is that my wants are quite small. I don’t need the most expensive phone, car or house on the market. I don’t buy clothes, shoes or toys for myself. Anytime I make a big purchase, it is practical. I will save and buy a fridge, new couch or something equally as boring. The newest purchase I am debating on is a humidifier. Now if you look online, you can get a stationary humidifier dirt cheap. Even ones with replaceable parts are not that expensive. I want the best humidifier on the market. I want the device to install directly into my HVAC unit. I also want to hire an HVAC contractor to do the installation. So this will be a little bit of money. I have the money for it, I am right now debating how badly I need it. A fridge and couch are a no brainer. A humidifier is more luxurious than that. I technically have been getting by without moisture in my indoor air quality, but I really want it. My skin is so dry in the winter when I run my heater. My nose bleeds and hurts to touch the whole season long. I fight frizzy hair and static shock constantly. Adding a little moisture in the air quality will do a world of difference. I also read that introducing moisture when the heater runs lowers those energy bills. The air feels warmer when it is moist. So I really should take the plunge and buy it.

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