The house should be sealed better

I have a severe human rights issue that needs to be addressed.

  • No one is taking it seriously, even though I have decided to take action on it myself.

I’m talking about working conditions in the deep south. More identifiably, I’m talking about making people work separate from any AC in their craft brewery. See, I work in a small brewery down in the hot plus sweaty south; Every day when I report to work, I walk through the production floor where the brew is made plus shudder with discomfort as I consider the environment. It’s industrial plus hot. Incredibly hot. The entire locale is open air to the outdoor heat plus there is not a whisp of AC to be found. Since the space is repeatedly heated for the sake of making beer, it’s obviously too high-priced for them to close the damn roll doors plus put in a massive industrial AC unit. I’ve looked into it, the cheapest models run a few tens of thoUnited Statesnds of dollars plus installation is similar. So I understand it’s an investment, then but I also understand the importance of keeping your employees alive. When it’s 95 degrees or warmer all summer time long, it seems appreciate a real working hazard to make your people lift heavy bags plus lean over warm liquids. I’ve tried to bring the production guys together to form a heat strike, however everyone needs the thirds to pay the bills. I mean, it’s all I can do to try to help. I walk right through the heat plus kneel in a perfectly air conditioned office, anyways.



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