New thermostat in my call center

In the past, my coworkers and I would often get into friendly, yet fairly heated arguments over the temperature setting in the office.

I’m a pretty big guy, so it doesn’t take much to get me sweating.

Many of my coworkers, however, are dainty or get cold very easily. I don’t like to subject others to discomfort if I can help it, but come on! I hate having to sweat into my clothes, just to be accommodating to them. I also sit on the far left side of our office floor, which is separated by a large wall. Still, the entire floor is affected by a single thermostat. Finally though, it would seem that the collective grumbling and groaning of our entire floor has convinced the office manager to make some adjustments to our heating and air conditioning systems. The biggest change? That would be the special zone control thermostat systems in the office! Now, areas of the office would be kept cool and comfortable while others would be warmer and slightly more humid. This was a great way to ensure that everyone was happy, and that anyone who preferred a certain temperature could move their desk to that area of the office. When the office manager first implemented this new zone control thermostat system, I think everyone in the office actually cheered! We were so happy to call a truce to the thermostat wars, and to get back to our actual work. God knows we spent long enough ignoring our work just to keep the air quality and temperature exactly where we wanted it!

Air conditioning worker