Sharing a space as well as always chilly cold

I am an elementary special education teacher.

I share a room with another teacher.

I do kindergarten through tenth grade as well as he does fourth grade to tenth grade, we trade off who gets the room as well as the good teacher’s desk too, and for the most part, sharing a space with another teacher is nice. I always have someone to chat with as well as bounce ideas off of. The room gets twice the amount of materials since every one of us have numerous teachers in it. We also decorate our space certainly nice. The only thing that kills me is that the other teacher is going through menopause, then his hot flashes are frequent as well as powerful. Anytime he feels a single coming on he has to open all our windows. The university gas furnace is run off a central thermostat. We can’t adjust the amount every one of us get through the ductwork. So the only form of temperature control is opening the windows. We have had opened windows when it is in the negatives. Snow has literally blown into the classroom. I get chilly certainly as well as like the university heater. Since the other teacher is naturally warmer, I never get to assume the heating though. I spend the labor day wearing our Wintertide coat a lot. I don’t dare put on a skirt or t-shirt either. I do long pants as well as jackets most of the year. Even when it warms up, I am colder. This is because now every one of us have to close windows to seal the cooling system in. It is certainly terrible to be chilly the entire time at work.
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